• Under Assessment

    Its been a busy first half of 2014 for HJA. At present we have 7 projects on the drawing board, 6 projects under DA assessment, 2 under construction and 2 recently completed.

    We continue to focus on single residential new dwellings and renovations along with small apartment buildings and medium density dwelling projects. Above is the design model for our Queensscliff project under assessment through Warringah Council.

    We continue to work with our clients on functional projects that listen to address their brief along with bringing our expertise to develop the schemes.

    Watch this space for news on our recently completed renovation in North Balgowlah. Update next week.

  • Recently Completed & Under Construction

    A wise old Architect once told me that Architecture is an old mans profession. Having just turned 40 I’m not sure I am old just yet, but heading in that direction!

    I didn’t quite understand what he meant at the time, but I do now….It takes quite a while to develop a body of work given that your average residential project is a 2 year design and construction endeavour. Without a body of work it is difficult to ask potential clients to take a chance on you and/or trust you with their life savings without the confidence that you have done it all before.

    Well, we have done a lot of it all before now having been in practice for just over 11 years with around 20 built projects and 2 currently under construction. Those being a large addition to a small beach cottage in Hyams Beach on the south coast, and a large remodel and addition to a home in Davidson, picture above. Both are progressing well, but plenty of questions and items to resolve along the way as part of the detailed design process. It continues to reinforce for us, that design does not stop at the determination of a DA. The value of having a design professional manage the entire process of your project, is not only a management advantage but also a significant advantage in ensuring that all aspects of the original design intent are realised. This is why you hear people say things like this home is really well resolved and it all seems to work well together.

    If you halt your architects involvement at the determination of your DA you are asking your builder to be an architect from that point on, and there are a plethora of design decisions still to be made. Would you ask me as your architect to grab a hammer and start building your house……? Then you should not ask your builder to design it for you…just sayin :)

  • Petersham Fire Station Courtyard

    Around 8 years ago a great client of ours decided to purchase the Petersham Fire Station with the aim of converting it into his residence (as you do) and at the same time breathing new life into an iconic local building steeped in local history.Over the years they have done a fantastic job and received good acknowledgement for there efforts.

    One space sadly though that was lacking some love was a large courtyard area at the rear of the building. Enter Hobbs Jamieson with a nice loose brief from the client which simply stated “Give me a fun space to entertain”.

    With high rigid bounding walls on 3 sides we decided a free form arrangement of elements and levels was the best way to break up the space and soften what was a very bleak space. The driving concept is a large ribbon element that weaves its way through the courtyard creating edges for the BBQ bench, division in activity spaces and the curved glass pool edge.

    Not quite finished yet but the image above hints at the ‘fun’ to come.

  • On the Drawing Board 2014

    Lots of things happening in the HJA offices at present. With confidence in the housing market high and increased exposure for the office our project list has been very healthy in early 2014. We have 8 projects in the early design and approval stage, 3 in documentation and 2 under construction.

    Our work continues to focus on delivering rational, well resolved accountable new homes and renovations for our clients on the Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore. Two of our projects will be featured in the Manly Daily and Inside out magazine over the next month or so which will be great.

    Above are a few select images of 2 projects in the development application phase in North Manly. In each case the projects are contemporary additions to existing single storey cottages. Each has a different brief but all are looking to resolve some key planning issues with a focus on value in the design proposals presented.

  • Curl Curl Featured in Domain

    Apologies for the delay, but a few weeks back our Curl Curl renovation was featured in the SMH Domain liftout that focussed on rear extensions. The extensions successful connection with the rear yard and the simple techniques it employed to manage privacy and breeze flow were mentioned.

    The space created has become the most used area of the home with its flexibility, sense of space and separation from the neighbours being the key reasons for its success.

    We have started work on a very similar project in North Manly with very similar issues and look forward to refining things even further now having confirmed the best way to go about things. Watch this space!

  • On the drawing board

    Blog 6A
    Blog 6B

    We are currently working on renovation projects in Davidson, Seaforth, Allambie Heights, Balgowlah Heights, North Balgowlah and Curl Curl all in the $200,000 – $600,000 budget ranges.

    We are also in the early stages of the design of a large contemporary new home in Bayview which is very exciting. Great site, great client.

    Watch this space.

    We continue to pursue our passion for designing striking and well crafted homes for our clients and making the process as enjoyable and consultative as possible. We are continually evolving our presentation processes and are now able to show you a 3D model of your home, from an early point in the design development. This format makes the design much easier to visualise.

  • Curl Curl Renovations and Additions

    Blog 5A

    Our recently completed project here on the northern beaches at Curl Curl confirmed the importance of having the same designer manage the interior fitout as well as the broader architecture. As a result, this residential project demonstrated a more integrated and complete design solution.

    We have worked on projects previously where clients have preferred to use an interior designer to manage interior fitout separate to the architectural consultancy. This system can work well in our experience if the consultants are aligned in their thinking, and if the architectural intent does not rely on seamless integration of ideas.

  • Neutral Bay House

    Blog 4A
    Blog 4B

    We have just reached practical completion of a renovation project in Neutral Bay on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. The residential project involved renovating the original home and adding a small first floor addition.

    The owners had a simple brief to keep the original character of the house whilst improving the flow and zoning through the dwelling.

  • House & Garden Feature Article

    Blog 3A
    Blog 3B

    Perfectly Formed. Rearranging the layout and rebuilding the rear of this 1920s Sydney cottage has delivered a light, airy home that’s not too big and not too small but just right, writes Judy Barouch.

    Our recent renovation of an early 1900’s cottage in North Manly here on the northern beaches has just been featured in the May 2013 edition of Australian House & Garden Magazine.

    The project focused on removing the poorly considered additions of the 1970’s and replacing them with a contemporary home addition that deliberately separated itself materially from the original part of the home that was retained. A more traditional approach was taken for the interior design of the original section, offset by a modern renovation at the rear.

  • Hobbs Jamieson Wins MBA Award

    Blog 2A

    Hobbs Jamieson has recently been awarded, in conjunction with our client Tamarack Developments, an MBA (Master Builders Association) award in the Medium Density Housing category including 5 or more dwellings.

  • 10 years in practice

    We passed a noteworthy milestone in May this year celebrating 10 years in practice. We have been involved in over 200 residential projects of varying scales during this time. Beginning as a humble 1 person practice in a shared design studio in Surry Hills in May 2003 and growing as large as 7 people at one stage. Now the 3 of us continue doing what we love, creating crafted and striking contemporary homes we are proud of here on the northern beaches and lower north shore.

    Over this time, with the help of our clients and colleagues, we have won design awards and been published in varying forms of media. We have established a passion for residential architecture, specifically contemporary homes and house renovation projects on the northern beaches.

    A very big thank you to all our clients who have made our practice thrive and be enjoyable. A big thank you also to all my colleagues who have been involved along the way. Thank you Daina, Benjamin, Michael, Joanna, Dave, Sara, Xu, Jonathon, Nikki, and Gemma. I think that’s everyone! Here is to 10 more!